30 October 2018

LIBERIA – What a busy few months we have had!

Over many months MedEarth recovered medical items for the upcoming shipment to Liberia. These items will be shipped to the Medicover Health Centre and the Mental Health Rehabilitation project in Liberia.

Over the years Liberia has gone through civil unrest and the Ebola crisis which have extensively crippled many of its institutions and its healthcare delivery system. The project’s goal is to provide and ensure medical access to healthcare services for the poor communities in the area.

MedEarth filled 4 trucks with over 1,000 medical items worth more than $330,000 including lab supplies, physiotherapy equipment, hospital beds and mattresses, stretcher beds, walking aids, crutches, theatre lights, ventilators, heaters, bedside cabinets, over bed tables, medicine trolleys, treatment tables, resuscitation masks and boxes of various medical supplies. These items will make it possible to provide medical aid, long term treatment plans, mental health promotion and rehabilitation programs for the patients in and around Liberia.

We want to extend a huge “Thank You” to all of our donors. We would not have been able to do what we do without your amazing support and generosity.


Mr Sayo Dukuly (Director of Mental Health Rehabilitation project Liberia – on the right) pictured with Mr Brett Rubin (MedEarth board member) who generously donated his expertise and assistance with the shipment.

20 August, 2018

Rural Empowerment Action for Community Healthcare (REACH) project in Burundi received their shipment filled with much needed medical equipment and supplies!

Our recipient the Rural Empowerment Action for Community Healthcare (REACH) project in Burundi recently received their container full of beds, mattresses, ultrasound machine, ventilators, walkers and infant warmer and have sent us some pictures. Special thanks to Mr Modeste Hatungimana of REACH Project for the great pictures!

REACH Project (www.reachburundi.weebly.com) was started in order to provide health care and mental health services to those suffering from illnesses and mental health problems due to various causes related to the aftermath of war in Burundi.

15 August, 2018

MedEarth assists the Clean Water Drop Organisation project for South Sudan

In June, we had the pleasure assisting the Clean Water Drop organisation to fill 3 trucks with over 1,300 medical supplies and equipment. We loaded items such as hospital beds, mattresses, hospital bedside cabinets, lab supplies, physiotherapy equipment, walking aids, crutches, a plinth, treatment tables, trolleys, high chairs, absorbency pads and boxes of various medical supplies.

This shipment is being championed by Ms Jibrine Jok from the Clean Water Drop organisation. The goal is to provide medical supplies and equipment to the people in rural areas of South Sudan. South Sudan is a war-torn country where there is lack of water and medical facilities. Each year children and women die in large numbers due to lack of clean water and basic medical supplies.

Ms Laura Taitz (MedEarth Co-founder) and Ms Jibrine Jok (Clean Water Drop organisation)

5 June, 2018

MedEarth assists handupcongo with medical supplies for their October medicine training trip

Adult & paediatric masks and syringes were packed and collected by handupcongo (https://www.handupcongo.org) for their October medicine training trip.

Mr Brett Rubin (MedEarth Board Member)

9 April, 2018

Another opportunity to assist Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Malawi

MedEarth packed and distributed boxes of recovered medical supplies desperately needed by Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi. MedEarth welcomes the opportunity to work again with Lesley Sutton to improve the lives of the patients in this very under resourced hospital which treats thousands of patients every month.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 10.59.04 am8 March, 2018

MedEarth assists the Rural Empowerment Action for Community Healthcare (REACH) project in Burundi

MedEarth has assisted the Rural Empowerment Action for Community Healthcare (REACH) project in Burundi by providing much needed and life saving medical equipment and supplies. 10 hospital beds, 2 birthing beds, ventilators (adult and paediatric), an ultrasound machine, infant warmer and walking aids are on their way to disadvantaged communities in Burundi to provide better care and life saving interventions to those in desperate need.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 9.59.19 am

29 January, 2018

Essential patient post operative supplies recovered by MedEarth arrive at Calsto Care, Zimbabwe

11 palettes consisting of 150 cartons totalling 2160kg of much needed unused stoma therapy supplies that were saved from landfill by MedEarth have arrived at Calsto Care in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. These stoma therapy supplies greatly improve the quality of life of the patients being cared for at the centre who have had bowel surgery.

This is an initiative started by Ron Kaplan, who had for many years worked tirelessly with generous donors and Calsto Care to ensure the much needed unused stoma therapy supplies were saved from landfill and were sent to Zimbabwe. Ron has now entrusted MedEarth to carry his legacy forward.

calsto care

20 December, 2017

The year finishes on a high with MedEarth packing a 40 foot container for DAISI bound for the Solomon Islands

2017 ended with over 20 volunteers packing a 40 foot container for Doctors Assisting In South-Pacific Islands bound for Kilu’ Ufi hospital, Auki, Malaita, Solomon Islands. The shipment included medical equipment & supplies donated by various hospitals in NSW thus diverting the items from landfill. The Rotary Club Of Berrima District(MAFO) sponsored the shipment and organised logistics.

3 May, 2017

Essential medical items recovered by MedEarth arrive at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital

In February MedEarth volunteers packed a 40 foot container with medical items recovered by MedEarth from various hospitals in Sydney.

This was a project of Lesley Sutton’s with MAFO (Medical Aid for Oceania and Worldwide) and its principal club the Rotary Club of Berrima District Inc yet again taking responsibility for the shipping and organising all the associated logistics. The container was shipped to Blantyre, Malawi (via Mozambique) and arrived at the Queen Elizabeth Central hospital this week.

Without MedEarth these items would have been destined for landfill instead of now enhancing the care and healing of the patients at the very under resourced Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH).

Please read the thank you letter we received from Chirafund which supports the QECH.




17-23 April, 2017

The trolleys, anaesthetic machine and the hospital equipment used in the GIZO Hospital shown in the video below were recovered and donated by MedEarth.


28 February, 2017

The shipping container being unloaded by DAISI in NRH & GIZO.


2 February, 2017

Helena Goldie Hospital thanks MedEarth for life saving equipment

George Tora, the hospital secretary at Helena Goldie Hospital in Munda, Solomon Islands has written a letter of thanks to the directors of MedEarth for the life saving equipment shipped to them by MAFO (Medical Aid for Oceania and Worldwide) and installed by Doctors Assisting in Solomon Islands (DAISI). All the equipments is fully operational and is already having a huge impact to the health care they can provide. The equipment recovered by MedEarth includes an anaesthetic machine, operating tables, theatre lights and c-arm x-ray machine and more.
helena goldie 1helena goldie 2

18-19 January, 2017

The MedEarth recovered and donated operating table, diathermy and anaesthetic machine are being put to use, to save lives in the HELENA GOLDIE HOSPITAL, MUNDA


16 September, 2016

Saving thousands of lives and diverting waste from landfill

1 Million Women have posted a blog about MedEarth making an impact to the environment and to thousands of lives.

27 June, 2016

MedEarth fills 40 foot Container going to GIZO Hospital in the Solomon Islands

Doctors Assisting in Solomon Islands (DAISI), working with MAFO (Medical Aid for Oceania and Worldwide) and its principal club the Rotary Club of Berrima District Inc who took responsibility for the shipping and logistics, are shipping a 40 foot container to the Solomon Islands, the content of which is predominantly usable medical equipment and supplies recovered by MedEarth. The patient beds, operating tables, anaesthetic machines, c-arm, laparoscopic stacks, infant humidicrib, theatre lights, steriliser and various other medical equipment and supplies are heading to Gizo Hospital. All of these items would have been disposed of as landfill waste if not recovered by MedEarth.

The packing of the container at MedEarth’s warehouse (sponsored by Panavision) was a combined effort by volunteers from both MedEarth and DAISI. DAISI is hoping that the container will reach Gizo in time for the next batch of surgeons and anaesthetists who are planning on spending a week operating there from 24-30 July.

26 May, 2015

MedEarth Gives Anaesthetic Machines to FijiOz to send to Nadi Hospital

MedEarth recently packed a 20 foot container with four anaesthetic machines and various other recovered medical equipment and supplies for FijiOz to send to Nadi hospital in Fiji. The response from the staff at Nadi hospital says everything…

We are currently renovating the Nadi hospital and when the container arrived and the doctors and nurses saw the equipment they cried and cried. They couldn’t believe what you had donated. The 4 anaesthetic machines will save so many lives and when they saw the ECG box, wow that was a godsend. I can’t thank you enough.

MEDIA RELEASE – 3 February, 2015

MedEarth Gives Vital Medical Equipment to a Medical Ship Bound for Papua New Guinea

A Youth With A Mission (YWAM) medical ship being refurbished for a lifesaving voyage to Papua New Guinea (PNG) has received one of five anaesthetic machines that have been saved from landfill by MedEarth.

MedEarth, an environmental protection charity, collects usable medical supplies and equipment destined for landfill and redistributes them through partner charities to areas of need in developing countries. MedEarth has no religious or political affiliation or bias.

YWAM Medical Ships – Australia (YWAM MSA) is a Christian charity that aims to care, connect, serve and build with individuals and communities. YWAM MSA values individuals’ rights to quality of life.
YWAM MSA Managing Director, Ken Mulligan OAM commented: “Papua New Guinea is a nation with many communities that lack basic medical facilities that are readily accessible to larger cities. The MV YWAM PNG is being refitted with on-board facilities offering simple treatment of infection to life changing cataract surgeries.”

Mulligan added, “Thanks to the generous support of MedEarth, we are well on our way to fitting out a surgery on this desperately needed medical ship for the people of PNG.”
MedEarth CEO, Michelle Bootcov commented: “MedEarth is delighted to provide support for such a worthwhile cause. Like us, YWAM MSA is entirely staffed by volunteers who provide this valuable service to those most in need.”
Bootcov added: “Each year a huge amount of usable medical equipment and supplies find their way as solid waste into landfill in Australia. Not only is this an impost on the environment, it is also an intolerable situation when such equipment could be utilized to deliver lifesaving health care.”

YWAM has operated around the globe now for over 30 years delivering healthcare with some of the largest ships of mercy in the world, operating in the Pacific since 1991. The MV YWAM PNG was formerly a passenger ship but is being transformed into a medical ship to provide healthcare, and medical training. The MV YWAM PNG is operated out of Townsville Australia.

The inspiration for MedEarth in Australia comes from MedWish International in the United States and its passionate founder Dr. Lee Ponsky. In over 20 years MedWish has recovered more than 1.4 million kg of medical surplus from nearly 70 hospitals. In 2013, as part of their waste reduction program, MedWish shipped 199 containers of life saving supplies and equipment to 90 countries and engaged the help of 38,944 volunteers.

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