Last week, our volunteers, board members, and staff packed 20m3 of essential medical supplies and equipment at the MedEarth warehouse for Carers of Africa in Zambia. Our donation included 1 ultrasound machine, 4 hospital beds, 2 infant warmers, 2 ventilators, 1 autoclave, mobility aids, and many essential medical supplies.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the following donors for their contributions towards our mission to save lives and save the planet: Dr Phil Colman, The Wolper Jewish Hospital, The Prince of Wales Private Hospital, Zoe Green (a paramedic from Newcastle), Sydney Children’s Hospital, Royal North Shore Hospital, Balmain Village Health, Bee Jones, and Bethany Medical Centre.

Thank you for your generous support. Your donations have a significant impact on our cause, and we truly appreciate your kindness.Thanks to Bright Chinganya, Director of Carers of Africa, who drove up from Melbourne to help us load the truck again. Your contribution to humanity is priceless!

Thank you for helping us help others ????