What impact is MedEarth making?

  • Since 2013, MedEarth has recovered over 750 cubic meters of usable medical surplus from more than 20 hospitals in Australia. As part of our work, MedEarth has filled containers with 50 tons of life saving medical supplies and equipment worth over $1.5 million going to 10 countries and impacting thousands of lives.

How can I support MedEarth

  • There are several ways to get involved in supporting MedEarth – see Get Involved

How do I arrange a donation of supplies or equipment to MedEarth?

What do I need to do to be eligible to get donated medical supplies from MedEarth?

  • We have three requirements for those who wish to receive donated medical supplies:
    1. We will ask that you complete an application and return it to MedEarth a minimum of 30 days prior to needing to collect the supplies. The application will require you to create a detailed wish list of needed items and a plan for how they will be distributed and used. Communication prior to your trip with the intended recipient of the supplies will help you to determine what specific type and quantity of supplies are needed. This helps ensure that the supplies will go to the best possible source and that all the supplies will be utilised. The supplies MUST be donated and not sold to the area’s hospitals and clinics.
    2. The country to which you intend to take the supplies must be “developing” or in a state of crisis.
    3. You will be responsible for collecting the supplies from MedEarth’s distribution centre. You will also be responsible for their transport and delivery to the final recipient in the designated destination country, including all transport and shipping costs.

When can I come to pick-up supplies?

After you have had your application approved, we will contact you to arrange pick-up.

I would like to collect medical supply donations at the hospital/doctor’s office where I work, and how do I get the supplies to MedEarth?

If you are interested in donating unused medical supplies from a medical facility, please contact us to work out an arrangement that is suitable for you and your workplace.

How can I volunteer with MedEarth?

We are always in need of assistance from volunteers, and we work with volunteers in a variety of capacities. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.

Is MedEarth affiliated with any national organisations?

While we will partner with other organisations on specific projects, MedEarth is not part of any national organisation. MedEarth has no religious affiliation nor does it have any political agenda or bias. MedEarth is not affiliated with any one specific area hospital. This project is community-based and is open to the involvement of all area hospitals and health care providers.

Does MedEarth accept donations of prescription and over-the-counter medications available to those traveling?

MedEarth is unable to accept or provide prescription and non-prescription drug donations.