Any hospital, clinic or private practice can donate usable medical equipment and supplies as a once off or on a regular basis.

If you have medical equipment or supplies you would like to donate, please follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

If this is the first time you are donating to MedEarth, please register with us here.

Step 2:

Please fill in this form for each type of equipment/supplies being offered for donation. All equipment should be in working order, clean and in good condition with no missing parts, accessories, batteries or software. Instruments & consumables do not need to be sterile but they cannot be contaminated.

We do not accept medication/pharmaceuticals or liquids.

Please note that MedEarth is not obliged to accept any donations being offered and all items will be assessed by our medical committee for suitability for our recipient communities before confirmation of acceptance is made.

Step 3:

Our operations manager will contact you to let you know if we are accepting your kind donation and will work with you on the logistics of getting the items to our warehouse in Sydney