MedEarth has recently received 6 pallets of wrist, ankle and knee support products from United Pacific Industries (UPI), Thermoskin Braces and Supports. Thank you so much for this incredible donation! 2 pallets are already on their way to two Hope Medical Clinics in Uganda to improve many lives.

One clinic serves 3.5 million inhabitants in the poor suburb of Kampala and the other serves 500k inhabitants mainly refugees from South Sudan in Gulu district in the northern region. Uganda with a population of almost 46 million remains one of the poorest countries in the world. 41% of people live in poverty. Uganda’s health sector is poorly funded and under-equipped.A large proportion of those accessing health services have to pay exorbitant fees for their basic healthcare. Over the last few years not-for-profit organizations have started getting more and more involved in the Ugandan healthcare system to alleviate this issue and to ensure that the poor can also access basic healthcare. Thanks to Esther Tsafack from Fesidev Australia for asking us be part of this project! We are always so grateful for the generosity of our donors as they continue to support our mission to reduce landfill and provide humanitarian aid.