What an awesome day!! In just 2 hours we packed 2 x 40 foot containers going to Eastern Cancer Care Hospital in Sri Lanka. ECCH provides palliative care and radiotherapy to 3 poor community districts. The majority of their patients are diagnosed in the late stages of cancer. Thanks to our generous hard working volunteers including Brett Rubin, @Andrew Bennett, Nat Carling, Mohamed Naufal, Angelique Tostee, @Katrina Hamilton, @Rob Gishen, @David Solsky, @Conrad Hewins, @David Hirsch, @Jo Jankelowitz, Dan, Vinita, Mary Ann, Daniel, Adam, Ethan, Jake, Lee, Brad, Ryan, Harper, Flo, Tarun, Anaya and of course the amazing Rebecca Truong 💚.
Thank you to Manly Hospital for donating all the items. 
In a couple of weeks we’ll post photos of the items in use at ECCH.