In June, we had the pleasure assisting the Clean Water Drop organisation to fill 3 trucks with over 1,300 medical supplies and equipment. We loaded items such as hospital beds, mattresses, hospital bedside cabinets, lab supplies, physiotherapy equipment, walking aids, crutches, a plinth, treatment tables, trolleys, high chairs, absorbency pads and boxes of various medical supplies.

This shipment is being championed by Ms Jibrine Jok from the Clean Water Drop organisation. The goal is to provide medical supplies and equipment to the people in rural areas of South Sudan. South Sudan is a war-torn country where there is lack of water and medical facilities. Each year children and women die in large numbers due to lack of clean water and basic medical supplies.

Ms Laura Taitz (MedEarth Co-founder) and Ms Jibrine Jok (Clean Water Drop organisation)