What a rewarding long weekend at the MedEarth Warehouse! Last Saturday in collaboration with the Australian Charity, Fesidev Australia, we packed 4m3 of essential medical equipment and supplies including 2 ventilators and a large number of mobility aid products for patients dignity in Uganda. Uganda’s health care system is ranked in the 149th place out of 191 counties in the world by WHO. The major challenge in the healthcare is the lack of resources. More than 25 million of Uganda’s population have no access to the most basic healthcare. With this rewarding project, we also saved 350kg from landfill. MedEarth doesn’t only help save lives but helps save the planet at the same time. Our special thanks to Ester Tsafack from Fesidev Australia who asked us be part of this project and to those that came from Melbourne to help us with the packing. Thank you for helping us help others