Loxley Health, in partnership with the Australian Government Department of Health, has set up a temporary respiratory clinic in Sydney’s inner west to reduce the load on GP practices and hospitals during the COVID-19 health crisis.Loxley requested assistance from MedEarth in providing some vital equipment needed in the clinic. Defibrillators were highest on the list so MedEarth put out a call to its donor hospital network and Castlecrag Private Hospital immediately responded with the offer to donate 2 defibulators. MedEarth has also donated an examination table and a footstool from our inventory to the clinic. When the clinic is able to close down, the items will be returned to MedEarth for redistribution to developing communities overseas. This has been an unique and rewarding opportunity for NSW Health (public health), private medical providers and the not for profit sectors to all work together to provide accessible health care in these unprecedented times.With 1 of our 2 major fundraisers cancelled due to COVID-19 you can help ensure MedEarth can continue to operate by donating medearth.org