Last Sunday we packed a container going to Timor-Leste, this shipment included $300k worth of X-ray equipment, which was generously donated by Maia Financial. It will be the second X-ray machine of this kind in Timor-Leste.

We were joined by East Timor Consul General for NSW Luciano & Sergio.

The xray equipment donated to Quelicai in East Timor will be the second xray machine in East Timor. Only Dili hospital currently has an x-ray room. The equipment was worth about $300k when it was bought 8 years ago (the hospital it came from has upgraded to the latest model which is about $450k).

East Timor has the highest rate of childhood rheumatic heart disease in the world (its referred to as a disease of poverty). Estimates are that one in 20 girls have the illness and one in 50 boys. 3-5% of East Timorise children suffer from heart failure due to the disease.

Having access to this x-ray machine (and other items like the ECGs) will be life changing for the Quelicai & Baucau regions (which are outside the Dili screening area). The shipment included medical items for hospitals in Quelicai & Baucau included 2 anaesthetic machines (worth over $100k), 2 ECGs, 2 humidicribs, blood pressure monitors, a birthing bed, mobility aids, patient furniture and about 20 boxes of what we would consider basic supplies.

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