This month MedEarth shipped Mindray WATO EX-30 Anaesthesia Machine (value AU$28.7K) to DAISI Doctors Assisting In South-Pacific Islands. This machine will be sent to Sopas District Hospital in The Highlands, Papua New Guinea. Because of its remoteness, and independent governance, it receives very little medical help from the rest of PNG. The population of the Enga Province is about 250,000 people, most of whom are farmers. Sopas District Hospital and Wabag General Hospital are two public hospitals service this entire population.

There is a single main operating theatre at the Sopas Hospital, equipped with laparoscopic surgery and a second minor operations room. Currently, there is only one working anaesthetic machine and MedEarth is delighted to have helped the hospital with one more!

Big thanks to Kawana Private Hospital for donating the machine to MedEarth. Without their generous donation, this would not be possible.