Doctors Assisting in Solomon Islands (DAISI), working with MAFO (Medical Aid for Oceania and Worldwide) and its principal club the Rotary Club of Berrima District Inc who took responsibility for the shipping and logistics, are shipping a 40 foot container to the Solomon Islands, the content of which is predominantly usable medical equipment and supplies recovered by MedEarth. The patient beds, operating tables, anaesthetic machines, c-arm, laparoscopic stacks, infant humidicrib, theatre lights, steriliser and various other medical equipment and supplies are heading to Gizo Hospital. All of these items would have been disposed of as landfill waste if not recovered by MedEarth.

The packing of the container at MedEarth’s warehouse (sponsored by Panavision) was a combined effort by volunteers from both MedEarth and DAISI. DAISI is hoping that the container will reach Gizo in time for the next batch of surgeons and anaesthetists who are planning on spending a week operating there from 24-30 July.