Sayo Dukuly is an Australian mental health specialist nurse and mental health advocate. Sayo came to Australia as a refugee from Liberia, via Guinea and South Africa, experiencing the harsh reality of Villawood detention centre on one hand and the generosity of every day Australians on the other.

Sayo recently returned from West Africa where his intention was to set up the first mental health clinic in Liberia to help those suffering severe PTSD as a result of the brutal Liberian civil war from which he fled. Due to COVID and civil unrest in Guinea, Sayo sadly never made it to Liberia to complete his project and after many stressful months was finally repatriated back to Australia.

Today Sayo’s 40-foot container containing all the medical items donated by MedEarth is still waiting for him in Liberia…as soon as he can travel he will go back to continue his humanitarian project and complete his dream.

Sayo is a Clinical Nurse Specialist with a Masters Degree in Mental Health and works at Hornsby Mental Health Intensive Care Unit, Sydney. He is married to the beautiful Hawa, a disability carer, and they have 4 sons.

You can hear Sayo’s inspiring story live via zoom on Sunday 13 September 2020 at 6pm (Sydney time).

How your donation makes a difference?

Since 2013, MedEarth has recovered over 1000 cubic meters of usable medical items from more than 30 Australian hospitals, thus saving it going to landfill. As part of our work, MedEarth has filled containers with 200 tons of life saving medical supplies and equipment worth over $3 million going to 12 countries as well as to local charities and impacting thousands of lives.

$25 enables 1000 masks, 1000 pairs of gloves and 1000 face shields to be donated to communities in Zambia, Fiji, Timor-Leste and other countries with similar lack of medical resources.

A $50 donation can recover 7 medical trolleys like the ones donated to The Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie which looks after patients like Lighthouse Jewel and koalas impacted by the NSW bushfires.

A $100 donation can make life saving defibrillators and essential patient examination furniture available to a respiratory clinic set up due to COVID which treats a hundred patients, including children, per week.

A $200 donation allows a truckload of hospital beds & mattresses, patient lockers, over bed tables, drip stands, hoists, commodes, shower chairs, wheelchairs and crutches to be recovered enabling a palliative care hospital or mental health hospital to be established or assisting a local Indigenous community.

A donation of $500 allows a ventilator to be recovered and available to a disadvantaged community. During the COVID crisis MedEarth donated 4 ventilators to Timor-Leste taking the total number in our neighbouring country to 5. Those additional 4 life saving ventilators give 100 people per year the chance of survival.

Please make a donation below and you will receive an emailed tax receipt with a link to the zoom meeting to hear Sayo’s inspirational story on Sunday 13 Sept at 6pm (Sydney time).